Beach Renourishment

The southeastern United States is known for its broad sandy beaches and visitors travel from across the globe to enjoy our coast. In the face of erosion, coastal communities are renourishing their beaches to help maintain tourism, provide local enjoyment and protect investment. It is more than just sediment data that goes into completing a beach renourishment project.   LEARN MORE


Port Maintenance and Expansion

The four Governors' South Atlantic Alliance states each have busy ports that help feed the coastal economy. These ports require regular dredging to maintain their shipping lanes. A variety of information goes into maintenance and deepening decisions.   LEARN MORE


Habitat Conservation

The coastal waters of the southeastern United States support a variety of important habitats. State and federal agencies are working with partners to help conserve estuarine and ocean habitats in order to support healthy ecosystems and fishery populations.   LEARN MORE


Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

The southeastern US has an extensive, low-lying coastal region with important ecosystems, sizeable populations and widespread infrastructure. This region is at risk from strong storms which bring intense rain, wind and powerful waves and water surges. The Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) tool was developed to aid decision makers before, during, and after severe weather events, by providing a better understanding of coastal change and risk areas. HVA testing has occurred in NC, SC, GA, and FL.   LEARN MORE