The Need

The Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance (GSAA) strives to increase regional collaboration among South Atlantic states, with federal agency partners and other stakeholders, to sustain and enhance the environmental (coastal marine), natural resource, economic, public safety, social, and national defense missions of the respective states within the South Atlantic region. Data, information, and decision-support tools are required in order to meet these needs and to better balance the many and competing uses for the region’s natural resources. The GSAA Action Plan and Implementation Plan highlight specific needs for data, information, and decision support tools applicable across jurisdictional boundaries to facilitate collaborative action in the region’s four priority issue Areas:

  • Clean Coastal and Ocean Waters
  • Disaster-Resilient Communities
  • Healthy Ecosystems
  • Working Waterfronts

The Solution

The GSAA Coast and Ocean Data Portal is an online toolkit and resource center that consolidates available state, regional, and federal data- sets into one location.

This allows users of the Portal to:

LEARN about the region’s data resources

EXPLORE a robust data repository

VISUALIZE these data via the portal tools

The visualization tools provide a foundation for long-term collaborative planning in the South Atlantic region for a wide range of coastal uses.

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About the Portal Project Team

The GSAA Coast and Ocean Data Portal was developed by a project team comprised of academic, state, NGO, and federal partners from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. The Portal team of natural resource managers, scientists, and information management system experts partnered to assess the geospatial and data technology needs in the region, develop the framework for the Portal, identify and incorporate relevant existing datalayers, and create new datalayers critical to the management needs in the region.

Data Disclaimer

The datasets provided on the GSAA Portal are only as good as the quality assurance and quality control procedures outlined by the data providers. Data providers are acknowledged in the metadata records for each datalayer. The user bears all responsibility for its subsequent use/misuse in any further analyses or comparisons. Neither the GSAA, its fiscal agent, nor SECOORA assume liability to the Recipient or third persons, nor will the GSAA, its fiscal agent, or SECOORA indemnify the Recipient for its liability due to any losses resulting in any way from the use of this dataset.


The Portal is sponsored by the Governors' South Atlantic Alliance (GSAA) through the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium pursuant to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award No. NA12NOS4730007.